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  • Briquettes Pini Kay - from sunflower pod

Briquettes Pini Kay - from sunflower pod

Briquettes Pini Kay - from sunflower pod
  • Briquettes Pini Kay - from sunflower pod
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Fuel briquettes - are made of sunflower pod, do not include any harmful substances - it is a new, convenient type of fuel.

Fuel briquettes have a number of advantages in comparison with normal fuel. Environmental friendliness. Briquettes are absolutely safe-health. Do not contain detrimental impurities and do not emit any substances, poisonous for the person and a circumambient. The increased combustion heat. Density of fuel briquettes - 1100 kg/m3. It is two and a half times more than density of a normal tree. Huge heating capacity of briquettes - about 4 800 to / callas is a consequence of it. on kg. That is, approximately same, as well as at one of the best types of fuel - bituminous coal (4900 to / callas.) ; The increased burning duration. About 1 hour in the mode of burning and from 4 to 8 in the decay mode. Convenience of storage. Fuel briquettes are very compact and take less places, than other types of fuel; have an accurate appearance; 10 kilogram packaging is made by 12 briquettes of 25 cm in size in length and 7 cm in the diameter tightened in polyethylene. Beautiful flame. Fuel briquettes and briquettes from sawdust burn with a beautiful and equal flame, all the time keeping continuous high temperature of burning. This ideal fuel for fireplaces, considering their zharkost in comparison with birch firewood exceeding by 3 times. Universality. For them it is not required to convert already existing heating equipment. Fuel briquettes will be ideally suited for any standard boilers of a central heating, furnaces and fireplaces, all types of fire chambers, boilers on a tree. This fine fuel for a barbecue, grills - at you will turn out an ideal shish kebab! Safety. When burning briquettes are completely safe since do not throw out coals and do not sparkle. Minimum ash content. After combustion the mass of ashes is no more than 1%. Whereas after combustion of coal there are 30-40%, and after firewood - 8 - 15%. Ashes are environmentally friendly fertilizer. Profitability!!!! 1 cubic meter of fuel briquettes gives more heat, than 5-6 m3 (dump truck) of normal dry-through firewood.
Raw material:Sunflower husk
Information is up-to-date: 16.02.2018

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